From the Heart Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is for anyone interested in discovering and deepening their relationship with their Higher Power in a safe and nurturing space. It’s a calming opportunity to take time out to focus on your inner life among the ups and downs of your outer life.

My practice is independent and unaffiliated with any religion or spiritual path. I welcome people from all faiths and backgrounds, as well as those new to spirituality. My goal as a spiritual guide is to provide compassionate listening and support for your unique journey and to always affirm your inherent goodness and extraordinary potential as a person.

If you’ve been hurt by religion or are questioning your faith, I went through my own lengthy healing process and would be honored to help you release negative beliefs and build an all-loving and life-affirming spirituality that works for you.

If your goal is to find more depth in the path that you’re on right now, I would love to support you in that rewarding process. Wherever you find yourself in life, I consider it a blessing to be a witness to your unique sacred journey.

I am certified through the “Embracing the Holy” Spiritual Direction Training Program at the Urban Spirituality Center in Portland Oregon, which is an unaffiliated and interfaith program. To find out more about me go to About Theresa Marks.

I believe in an all-loving and life-affirming Creator who invites each one of us into our own unique relationship with the Creator. I believe that humanity is one family and that we need to love and lift each other up, otherwise we cannot be truly happy. I believe that each person is a unique creation with extraordinary potential and that the life that we live and the gifts that we give are irreplaceable in all the universe.


I also believe that all people have Seven Fundamental Spiritual Rights.

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