My Core Beliefs

I believe in an all-loving and life-affirming Creator who invites each one of us into our own unique relationship. I believe that humanity is one family and that we need to love and lift each other up, otherwise we cannot be truly happy. I believe that each person is a unique creation with extraordinary potential and that the life we live and the gifts we give are irreplaceable in all the universe.


I also believe that all people have
Seven Fundamental Spiritual Rights:

  1. The right to connect directly with their Creator in their own unique way.
  2. The right to affirm their inherent goodness as beloved children of the Creator.
  3. The right to freedom from fear, especially fear of false divine punishments.
  4. The right to embark on their own search for truth.
  5. The right to freedom from religious obligations.
  6. The right to access all spiritual leadership roles regardless of identity.
  7. The right to determine their own loving and committed human partnerships