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The Seven Spiritual Rights of

What they are. Why they’re important.

There is nothing more life-giving for individuals than to discover and build a direct relationship with their Creator. Tragically, this fundamental connection has been crippled by negative forces that threaten to snatch this life-giving relationship from so many in these critical times for humanity. All of the spiritual rights identified herein are a direct corollary to the Creator’s gift of individual free will that has been and always will be an identifying spiritual mark of the human person. The purpose of this document is to declare unequivocally the spiritual rights that each individual person has been endowed with by the Creator. These rights should never be violated by any person or institution.

1 The right of individuals to connect directly with the Creator in their own unique way is fundamental to human spirituality and should be forever protected, honored and cherished.

No religious or spiritual institution, ideological or philosophical group, whether spiritual or secular, or any individual representing these institutions or groups, or any individual acting alone should in any way act as an intermediary between individual persons and the Creator. Each person’s relationship with the Creator is unique, primary and sovereign in all matters relating to the spiritual life of the human individual.

The Creator-human relationship is the primary living source of spiritual growth. Because of its unique and intimate nature, it must never be committed to the custody of those presuming to act as spiritual intermediaries. Rather than religions demanding that people serve them and their representatives, religions are meant to serve people in their search for the Creator. Religions should always take a subordinate and supportive role in humanity’s spiritual search. When they dictate beliefs and behaviors, they disrupt the sacred relationship between individuals and their Creator. Religious leaders appropriately serve humanity by leading group worship, teaching spiritual concepts and facilitating group sharing of spiritual insights; but their role should always be considered ancillary and nonessential to the Creator-human relationship.

2Individual persons have a right to affirm their inherent goodness as beloved children of the Creator.

This basic right should not be undermined by false teachings claiming that human nature is intrinsically sinful and unworthy of the Creator’s love. All such teachings are injurious to the human psyche and spirit. They have caused centuries of needless shame and guilt to humanity and must be abolished in all religious, philosophical and ideological systems for individuals to regain their proper self-respect, discover their purpose and unleash full human potential to solve the many serious problems facing humanity. Contrary to the sinful human nature taught by many authoritarian religions, the human spirit, when awakened and enlivened by a direct relationship with the Creator, naturally yields abundant fruits of loving service, unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, undying hope, confiding trust, merciful ministry, unfailing goodness, forgiving tolerance and enduring peace.

3Individual persons have the right to freedom from fear, especially fear of false divine punishments.

The age-old religious concept of eternal conscious torment–or “hell”–as well as all other concepts of divine punishment, retribution or chastisement are blatantly false. All such teachings are an affront to the loving nature of the Creator. Likewise, all teachings that portray the Creator as wrathful, angry and vengeful are in direct opposition to the Creator’s nature. No person, even one who has done great violence, ever has anything to fear from the Creator. It is the Creator’s eternal nature to lift up and show vast mercy to individuals. These supposed divine punishments are the distorted misconceptions of primitive religions and must be abolished in favor of more enlightened understandings of the Creator. Further, the wielding of such fear-based teachings over faithful believers is a barbaric practice and has thwarted the spiritual growth of the entire planet for ages.

The fact that the Creator’s love coexists alongside the Creator’s justice does in fact cause many to feel that divine punishment is the only reasonable solution to this seeming paradox. But the limited vision of humans who can see and judge only the outer actions of another can never be compared to the far-seeing eye of an infinite Creator who knows all the colors and shadows of each human soul. Mercy and love are the dominating attitudes of the Creator. The bad actions of any individual, even though they may be grievous in human terms, will always be met with vast understanding and patience from the Creator.

However, the fact of free will choice always makes it possible for any individual to finally and ultimately reject the Creator’s every display of mercy. But to believe that an eternity of torture awaits such persons is a figment of the limited human imagination that clamors for punishment of the misunderstood other.

The final decision to live or not to live in relationship with the Creator rests with each one of us. If there is repeated, lasting and final rejection of this relationship, also manifested as a lack of spiritual fruit, then instead of inflicting a fictional eternal punishment, the Creator by nature respects the person’s sovereign decision and withdraws permanently from such an unfortunate individual.

Therefore, if one believes that the human soul is the eternal aspect of the human person and acknowledges the Creator as the source of all material and spiritual life, a more rational conclusion may instead point to the complete cessation of existence for any person wholly rejecting a relationship with the Creator. In other words, the soul
cannot by definition exist apart from the Creator who is the source of all life and in choosing to reject any connection to the Creator, the soul chooses not to continue living and simply ceases to exist after the body expires.

4Individual persons have the right to embark on their own search for truth.

Since each human person is endowed with a unique identity from the Creator, spiritual insights and experiences will vary widely from person to person. The most sublime of human adventures is that of discovering the Creator for oneself. The diversity of spiritual viewpoints in the human family is a great strength that points to the beauty of the Creator, but in no way dilutes the truth of humanity’s unity as children of the Creator. Religions and spiritual groups should not interfere with any individual’s sincere efforts to comprehend and experience truth. On the contrary, they should support individuals by providing more enlightened teachings on the nature of the Creator and the great purpose and destiny of humanity.

5Individual persons have the right to freedom from religious obligations.

These obligations include but are not limited to: profession of creeds, tenets or beliefs; adherence to religious laws, codes, precepts, covenants or tithes; performance of or attendance at services, masses, rituals, ceremonies, meditations, prayers, sacraments, liturgies, ascetic practices, pilgrimages, missions, evangelization or study of sacred texts.

Participation in religious activities must be strictly voluntary. Religions become tyrannical when they dictate the beliefs and behaviors of people. Since the Creator’s primary attribute is unconditional love, the Creator has not, does not and will not at any time past, present or future impose obligations on individuals; so religions, insofar as they wish to imitate the Creator, should never do so.

For any religion to falsely claim divine penalties for not fulfilling obligations is both a violation of individual spiritual liberty and a terrible abuse of well-intentioned believers. This has caused and continues to cause much shame and guilt for humanity.

It must be stated clearly that while the best religious traditions and rituals do succeed at demonstrating spiritual truth, they are nevertheless human-fabricated concepts, symbols and activities that can never be replete with eternal truths in and of themselves. At worst, they become meaningless, repetitive and often dark recitals from primitive eras and are not worthy of the hard-won wisdom and spiritual progress of humanity in this dawning era of light. The garbled spiritual concepts found in some religious traditions desperately need to be updated by Creator-connected individuals called to reveal new spiritual truths through these potentially meaningful manifestations of religion. But even in recreated form, they must never be used as a substitute for the fundamental Creator-human relationship.

Notwithstanding the efficacy of these practices, believers must never have their traditions or rituals taken away if they find them to be spiritually nourishing. Rather, the process of discovering a personal relationship with the Creator needs to be prioritized for those well-intentioned followers who perhaps for cultural or sentimental reasons are so attached to these outward practices that they overlook discovering their own inner connection to the Creator. The spiritual awakening of the sleeping masses who are still caught up in traditional, ritual, cultural and the largely physical trappings of established religions could result in a tremendous spiritual illumination that would finally gather most people under the twin unifying concepts of the divine Creator Parent and the family of humanity.

6Individual persons have the right to access all spiritual leadership roles regardless of identity.

How does it honor the Creator to exclude entire groups from spiritual leadership, whether by gender, race, ethnicity, orientation or other identity, thereby preventing their precious Creator-bestowed gifts from uplifting humanity? Doesn’t it instead weaken humanity to do so? When people from all groups are empowered to answer the call to spiritual leadership then the Creator will truly be honored.

The unjust exclusion of women from spiritual leadership throughout the centuries has been particularly harmful and has prevented their harmonizing influence toward peace and prosperity for all. Instead, the controlling tactics of authoritarianism, particularly entrenched in religions, has led directly to constant wars, oppression and poverty.

All human attitudes of superiority and inferiority demonstrate spiritual ignorance of the Creator’s love toward all. The gifts of all people must be embraced to allow humanity’s full potential to emerge and heal the severe multiple threats to worldwide peace and prosperity. A fertile environment of egalitarian collaboration is the healing salve that can turn the world from the brink of hopelessness into a new era of light and life.

7Individual persons have the right to determine their own loving and committed human partnerships.

Aside from a person’s direct relationship with the Creator, loving and loyal human partnerships are the most beautiful testaments to the Creator’s loving presence with humanity. As partners commit to each other’s well-being, face life’s challenges and share physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy, they create a nurturing home for the growth of their souls. These partnerships should not be denied to those who sincerely wish to undertake this noble endeavor together. Unselfish and spiritually fragrant human partnerships, whether they produce biological children or blend new families together, form the basis for the flourishing of societies and should be blessed and supported by all people, especially religious and spiritual groups claiming to love the Creator.


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